A mobile payment solution to accept Apple Pay transactions without the need of a physical NFC terminal. Inspired by my time working on the Apple Pay Team. In active development.

Apr 2019
Design & Development


Apple Pay has proven to be a great payment solution for many people due to its increased security, ease of use, and wide availability. While the transition to NFC payments has been relatively painless for users, for merchants its been anything but. This transition often requires buying new expensive payment terminals that support NFC. It would be ideal if one could use the iPhone they already have as a payment terminal to accept NFC transactions, especially given that the phone has a reader built in. Alas, the current state of the platform and hardware don’t allow this. KurPay is a simple work around for this.

KurPay allows merchants to easily accept Apple Pay and other payment methods that adhere to the Payment Request API. The payment flow works as follows:

  1. The Merchant creates a new transaction for the required amount which generates a QR Code

  2. The User scans this code using the camera app on their phone, which takes them to a mobile website

  3. The User completes the payment in browser

  4. The Merchant is notified immediately via a socket connection

  5. The User receives a downloadable receipt for the transaction

Merchant Flow


User Flow