A little bit about me…

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Brooklyn born and raised 🗽 but I’m currently living in Berlin 🇩🇪 trying to learn German.

Back in the US, I study at Duke University and am pursuing a Computer Science and Linguistics double major. My academic interests are in voice enabled interfaces and technology as a means of easing cross culture communication (plus throw in a little AR).

My work title is best described as a UX Engineer, which just means I’m a developer who also knows how to use Sketch 😉. I like to work around the whole stack and across the entire development process. I think the continuity adds a level of consistency that is often missing from projects with several of handoffs

I have experience with a myriad of server side environments, front end frameworks, and the iOS Platform. I’ve been writing code for almost 10 years and have worked with companies large and small, including most notably Apple and Squarespace.

On the side I’m obsessed with cycling 🚴‍♀️, cooking 🥘, and philosophy books 📖.

Anything in there pique your interest and want to chat? Drop me a line: hello@chrisgrant.nyc